Custom Jewelry Pieces

If you have a design or concept in mind for a jewelry piece, Dandy Ona can bring it from mind to metal. For a quotation, simply send an email to with the following details:

1. Metal Preference

Choose one:

  • silver
  • silver dipped in yellow/white/rose gold
  • real gold

2.  Size

For Necklaces

Our necklaces come with a 16" chain. For any different chain size or specific pendant size, please specify them in the e-mail.

For Bracelets

If you have a specific size for your bracelet, please specify in the e-mail.

For Rings

If you don't know your ring size:

To get your ring size, simply wrap a piece of paper around the finger you want to wear the ring on, measure how long it is for it to wrap around your finger once, then e-mail us the measurement. For the best fit, please be as accurate as possible.

3.  For Rings Only: Band Width

  • thick
  • thin

4. Stones

We have a variety of stones available on hand, and we can try to get some specific requests if time permits. For photos and names of the currently available stones, please check the Stones page.

5. Design Sketch or Pegs

Please do include a photo or description of the design you want for your piece. You may send us pegs, then we can help in coming up with a design, or you can send us the design itself. These may be words that we will hand letter, shapes or illustrations, calligraphy/lettering, etc. Let your creativity run free!


    If you want something special to celebrate an occasion or to gift to a loved one, send an email to, and we'll be happy to custom-make something for you.

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