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Make Waves Necklace

A sweet reminder of the sea.

Miss Twiggy Necklace

Delicate in design, our signature Miss Twiggy necklace comes with a 16-inch chain.

Heart Necklace

A delicate heart outline pendant on a silver chain.

Keep Growing Necklace

A reminder that wherever you are, you can always keep growing.

Papercut + Glass Pendants

Framed between two round glasses is a delicate papercut, original and signed. Hand-cut individually, each piece is distinct and special. A 16-inch chain and Dandy Ona jewelry pouch are included. 

Bangles and Bracelets

Miss Twiggy Bangles: A set comes with two Miss Twiggy Bangles, both in silver. Miss Twiggy Bracelet: A bracelet version of your favorite Twiggy necklace. Comes in silver or custom made dipped in gold. Thin and Simple Bangles: Add a touch of shine to your outfit with a set of two...

Handwritten Name Pendant, Letter Pendant, Other Custom Pieces

Wear our signature piece - your name, initial, or favorite word in gold or silver. If you have other design or concept in mind for a jewelry piece, simply send an email to with the following details: 1. Metal Preference Silver Silver dipped in yellow/white/rose gold Gold 2.  Size For...